Dynamically filtering @FetchRequest with SwiftUI

Update 30/6/2022: I realised we shouldn’t be initing NSPredicate objects inside body so need a new approach. I was reading Paul Hudson’s article Dynamically filtering @FetchRequest with SwiftUI and thought I would share an improvement for declaring the singers @FetchRequest property that supports a dynamic predicate for filtering: FilteredList.swift ContentView.swift

MKMapSnapshotter initWithOptions nullability

MKMapSnapshotter has the following constructor (within NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN): – (instancetype)initWithOptions:(MKMapSnapshotOptions *)options NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER; Which means an options param must be supplied. However the documentation contradicts this, stating “If you specify nil for this property, the snapshotter uses a set of default options that capture an image of the current user’s country”, thus Read more…